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In what ways can I work with an executive coach?

In addition to what you want to work on with your coach (see also how to prepare for executive coaching), it’s also worth considering and planning for how you want to work with them.

A successful coaching experience hinges on alignment between you and your coach. You may be asking yourself, in what ways can I work with an executive coach? Thinking about points such as these in advance will help with that.

There are many different ways in which you may want to work with your executive coach on a particular topic, here are some common ones to prompt your reflections and preparations:

A Sounding Board for Clarity

Your coach serves as a sounding board — providing attention in a safe place to express your thoughts, ideas, and challenges.

Your coach will listen attentively, and without judgment. They will likely use thought-provoking questions that encourage deeper exploration. They may also help you gain awareness and clarity by reflecting back your own words.

A Thinking Partner for Insight / Brainstorming

Coaching isn’t about being provided with answers by your coach however it can be about co-creating insights. As part of a coaching discussion you may have a period of brainstorming. You and your coach capture as many thoughts and ideas on a topic of your choosing, challenging each other for “out of the box” ideas.

Then with that rich set of inputs the conversation will quite probably return to a more typical coaching discussion to explore your reactions to the ideas, and what they may mean for your next steps and actions.

Reframing your perspective

Sometimes, we’re too close to our situations. You could invite your coach to really challenge you on your perspective on a problem you’re working on. How might you reframe the issue? What if there’s another angle? You can explore external viewpoints, “outsider perspectives”, “how others may see you” to widen your thinking. Expect your coach to challenge assumptions and encourage curiosity.

Rehearsing and role play

You may have an important discussion, meeting, presentation or speech coming up and want to work on how to have maximum impact. Your coach can provide you with the space to practice and rehearse the approach you’d like to take. They can also support you in your preparations for handling challenges and objections for those you are meeting with.

Accountability partnering

Sometimes we find ourselves knowing what we want to achieve, and even knowing how we’re going to go about achieving it … but not making it happen. That could be for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps other business priorities, or responding to the needs of others, or allocating precious time and resources to actions that we justify to ourselves as being more important in the moment.

A coach can work with you to create accountability, to keep you on the track to excel.

And, if you’re not sure …

If you’re still working out in what ways can I work with an executive coach for a particular topic then just let you coach know. They’re there to support and can be trusted to work with you to identify the best way to work on your challenge.

Executive coaches have many tools and techniques available to them to support and activate the process.

Conclusion: Co-Creating Success

In considering in what ways can I work with an executive coach, remember that your coach is your ally.

Together, you’ll navigate challenges, uncover insights, and propel your leadership journey. Be open, be curious, and co-create your future success!

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Let’s embark on this transformative partnership together!