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Steven Cox, an experienced executive, is passionate about coaching. He understands the intricacies of executive leadership, having benefited from coaching during pivotal moments in his career. As a gay man Steven has lived-experience of being a minority person in senior leadership positions. Steven specializes in two key areas:

Leaders in Transition: Steven works with leaders navigating change, whether it’s transitioning to senior roles, joining new companies, outplacement, or coping with the complexities of leading large businesses.

Empowering Minority Leaders: Steven supports individuals from minority groups who aspire to become even more effective leaders and overcome the unique challenges they face. He also assists leaders in promoting equity, workforce diversity, and workplace inclusion.

For more information on executive coaching with Steven Cox, visit the Contact page, email him at or call on +442045770858. Additionally, explore the blog post comparing coaching to mentoring, advisory, and consulting services.

Executive coaching with Steven Cox - more on Steven's approach

Understanding and Empowerment: Steven helps clients delve into their self-awareness, ambitions, and goals. His coaching enables them to develop effective strategies for achieving these objectives. Whether it’s building confidence or navigating difficult situations, Steven’s approach is personalized and impactful.

Tailored Objectives: Steven’s coaching caters to both short-term demands and long-term impact. He believes in actionable plans that lead to ongoing improvement.

Client-Centric: Steven’s coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that clients know what works best for them. He draws from research concepts, exploring growth mindsets, external and internal awareness, and behavioral adaptations.

Trust and Reflection: Working with Steven involves establishing a collaborative environment (“contracting”), understanding coaching objectives, gaining self-insights through tools, and progressing toward goals. Trust is key, allowing clients to share meaningful topics.

Challenging Boundaries: Steven employs various techniques to push clients’ thinking, uncover underlying issues, and prompt reflection. His real-world executive experience combines compassion and challenge to help clients become their best selves .

What clients say about executive coaching with Steven Cox

In answering the question “What did you find most helpful in today’s session?” here’s what coaching clients have said.

Steven is a member of the International Coaching Federation (the ICF) and abides by their code of ethics

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