Transform your leadership through executive coaching. Develop new insights, bring clarity to your mission, establish objectives, overcome obstacles, formulate your plan.

Non-Executive & Advisory

NED and advisory on strategy, leadership, P&L management, market engagement, customer journeys. B2B and B2G sectors. Challenge, guidance and oversight.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Enable your strategy with a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Develop measures, the change plan, and lead teams through change.

Image of Steven AJ Cox: transform your leadership with executive coaching

As an Executive Coach, Strategic Leader, and Advisor, Steven analyses business issues from a strategic perspective and identifies innovative approaches to address requirements and challenges.

As humans, we often want to accomplish things quickly, which leads to action being taken without first identifying the objective that will bring the highest return. Identifying the best actions to take, and moving with that in mind, gives us the optimum path to success.

Steven brings his corporate experience of responsibility for enterprise scale business, including sales / growth, P&L and operational delivery of full-service range (consultancy and change programmes, to operational IT services) to multiple clients including crisis management and business turnarounds.




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